Side trip... diamonds are forever


If a diamond is forever, and real love will never die...

The idea of a LifeGem -- a synthetic diamond created from carbon extracted from a loved one's remains during the cremation process -- probably sounds ghoulish or weird to some of you.

Maybe it is.

But I still hope that one day I may be able to have a small red diamond LifeGem as a reminder of Jake. He would definitely be a red gem. Nothing fancy... a .25 carat pendant or earring stud (and I would get an ear double pierced for that reason alone) would be perfect.


Even if it's not an actual wearable gem, but something you mount on a treasure, like on his dish and keep it on display where you'll remember. I think it's a beautiful idea.

I think it's sweet. I kinda wish I could've done that with the two kitties I lost early in the summer. It's not an option now, because we didn't request the ashes of one, and the other one went to the state as a possible rabies case. I think the kitten would have been a light blue, and my old cat would have been dark blue. But I do think it's a really sweet idea.

That's a wonderful idea. You know how they have those necklaces for mothers, the ones with seperate birthstones for each child? This seems like a new use for that idea. What a way to cherish all your pets.

I think it sounds wonderful even.

*blushes* heh, me & my typos.


*huggs* I think it sounds like a wonderful !!

I read about the LifeGem thing awhile back & I absolutely *love* the idea! Gives a whole new meaning to the term, 'Family Jewels' ^_~

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