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Happy Birthday, Yuki!

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We don't really know the exact date of Yuki's birthday, just that it was in February 1986. We usually celebrate it on Valentine's Day, right in the middle of the month. So I guess we're a bit late this year. I hope that she... and you!... don't take that to mean that we didn't care or weren't excited... we are VERY happy and pleased to be celebrating Yuki's 17th birthday!!

Still out here, somewhere

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If you're still dropping in now and again, I must apologize for the lack of activity. In some ways, no news is good news... all of the resident critters are doing well at the moment and there are no health crises to write about.

I'm trying to find some time to get Heidi recertified with TDI (Therapy Dogs International) and back to work in an appropriate setting (this is a dog who will possibly never be sedate enough to work in a nursing home but who was absolutely wonderful with developmentally disabled young adults). I was very moved by the accounts of the therapy dog-handler teams who worked in disaster relief but I don't know if that is something that either Heidi or I could handle.

I'd also like to improve everyone's nutrition (maybe even the humans :)). I have started reading
Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats
by Kymythy Schultze; although I still have some misgivings about feeding raw I want to learn more before I make a decision to change diets.

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