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The results from Heidi's low dose dexamethasone suppression test came back over the weekend. The good news is that Heidi does not appear to have Cushing's Disease. Her body was able to suppress cortisol production normally during the test. A dog with Cushing's would not suppress cortisol production at all, or would show suppression at 4 hours and rebound at 8 hours.

Heidi's normal style is to play hard, drink well and eat well. And of course all the dogs drink more water during the hot and humid days we generally have during a Chicago summer. But this summer has been much cooler than average, so when Heidi's water consumption rose dramatically (including stealing the cat's water... almost ALL of it) last week, it was cause for concern.

Rightly so... her blood glucose was at 498 when she was tested on Saturday, July 26 (normal canine blood glucose would be somewhere between 80-120). She was put on insulin immediately, and input and output returned to close to normal levels within 24 hours. However, the full bloodwork showed some results which led her vet to suspect Cushing's Disease, rather than just diabetes.

So today Heidi is at the vet for an 8-hour test which will tell us whether or not that is the case. The results go to Michigan State University for interpretation, so we won't have the final verdict for about a week. Those of you who have followed us for a while know that our dear departed
Missy was also tested for Cushing's at one time. She did not have it, but her symptoms and bloodwork were less indicative than Heidi's are.

That entry contains links to more information about canine Cushing's Disease if you are interested in learning more. Or you can wait with us to hear the results in a week!

Today would have been Jake's eleventh birthday. I just didn't want the day to go by without remembering in some way.

We will light the Candle Ceremony candle for all of the Rainbow Bridge kids as we do every Monday night... and also another birthday candle for Jakey.

Happy Birthday, Jake... I hope your first birthday at the Rainbow Bridge is almost as happy as the last one you had here on earth...

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