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I actually have a number of health topics that I want to blog about... tick-borne diseases would be a good one for the summer months; canine post-surgical incontinence is a current concern, and of course, anything to do with geriatric issues of canines and felines... oops, and birds, too!

Unfortunately, there has been little to no progress in the creation of the 28-hour day that Debi and I have been talking about for some time now. I know many of us could really use it... so what's the hold-up, I wonder :p .

Speaking of time to blog... I don't think I'll be able to blog for charity in Blogathon 2002, not if I can barely keep this one updated! I'll do my part as a sponsor though :) ... and if you want to do that also, please consider sponsoring Cyn or Lynda. Or check back on Debbie or Rickie to see if they've decided to do the Blogathon.

UPDATE 6/27/02: Debbie and Rickie have their Blogathon blogs set up now too!

Darn... too slow :(


Somehow I missed this announcement from Movable Type ... would have loved to be a beta tester for a MySQL version of MT but I guess if I didn't have time to read the news, how would I have time to test the software :p !

UPDATE 6/27/02: Version 2.2 with MySQL support was released to all yesterday :)

Nothing major to report :)


Once again, it's quiet on the pet health front. We don't know how long that will last, but hopefully everyone will be healthy for a while.

The rottweiler boys have had a couple of minor things going on.

Jake had a nasty sounding cough for a few days which was possibly a reaction to his bordetella vaccine. Or not. I really don't like giving so many routine vaccinations now that the dogs are all technically senior citizens. But since they need to be boarded twice a year and our preferred boarding kennels all require them, we don't have much choice.

Oscar has a minor eye infection which was aggravated by the fact that he opens the back screen/storm door with his head, and the decorative scrolling on the door was exactly at irritated eye level. Owwwwwww.


It's not often that a rainbow, let alone a double rainbow, appears here in the city in the flatlands. But yesterday evening shortly before dusk, this one appeared.

I didn't realize until I started catching up on blogs and e-mail that it was the Rainbow Bridge for another one of our friends :(

With Erika's Cyler, Joeri and Christina's Umbro, and now Cyn's Pinkie crossing over the Bridge, it has been a very sad few days...

Quick updates...


Mostly just to let everyone know we're all pretty much hanging in there.

Now that Jake is done with his course of medication and is pretty much back to normal following a rather serious bout of gastroenteritis, Oscar is suffering from a mild case of it :(

This does not appear to be related in any way to Jake's illness last week... just one of those unfortunate coincidences. Everyone is a little uncomfortable due to the heat (high 80s-low 90s) over the past few days and that was probably a contributing factor.

Everyone else is doing fine, and Oscar looks to be feeling quite a bit better this morning than he was yesterday afternoon.

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