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Quick note...

Forgot to post this earlier. I'm mostly away from computers and the 'net for a couple of weeks. Requests for private posting access received between 11/19 and 12/4 can't be processed until 12/5 or 12/6 at the earliest; and please don't be offended if you don't get replies to other e-mails or questions until then as well.

Yup... we all need our breaks and sometimes by force :)

Oscar is almost done with his course of antibiotics and antihistamines, and the irritated areas around his eyes and elsewhere on his face are just about all healed. Hopefully the hair will grow back (and in the correct color!) in all the spots. It looks pretty hopeful so far.

I imagine we will soon have a better idea whether his irritations were due to something outdoors or something indoors. If they were related to some kind of pollen or plant, they probably won't come back until spring. If they were related to something indoors such as dust mites or a cleaning chemical or something like that, then we might see the problem again during the winter.

First snow of the season!

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That exclamation point is for the benefit of the dogs. The bipeds are not really thrilled about snow and winter at all. This first snow wasn't much, and it's already melted from the streets and sidewalks. Fortunately from the dogs' viewpoint, there is enough snow sticking to the grass to have some fun with.

Now that she and her two cohorts have trampled through the scant snowfall covering the back yard, Heidi waits not too patiently for either her football (or the camera) to be tossed in her direction.

I don't have a problem with sharing most information with people. And anything I don't want to share, I just don't post to a semi-public website. DUH, is that a difficult concept?

And since the clickable smilies instructions are something I'd like to share, I really HATE making it a private : posting. BUT...

Just thought I'd give a quick update on Missy and Oscar since it has been about a week since their vet visit.

Missy's appetite and activity level seem to be improved after a week of antibiotics, so it seems that she did have a low grade "bug" of some sort bothering her. It does seem at this point that the rear end weakness is not related to a Lyme Disease relapse, though. If it were, she'd be a little steadier after a week of antibiotics... and she is not. So we will just try and hang in there until she can start acupuncture next month.

Oscar is doing pretty well with the antibiotics and antihistamine. His skin irritations are drying up and his eyes are much less puffy. I am always VERY glad when we don't have to use any steroids (topical or oral) to help clear up a skin condition. I realize that sometimes steroid use is inevitable but I still hate using them.


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If you've requested access to private : posting entries, been able to read them, and now all of a sudden you can't... nothing personal. Really! I have been doing some upgrades and housekeeping on the server and it appears that losing access to private : posting entries might be part of the fallout.

Just send me another request and I will try not to do more stuff to the server again too soon!

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