Update... Heidi probably does not have Cushing's Disease!

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The results from Heidi's low dose dexamethasone suppression test came back over the weekend. The good news is that Heidi does not appear to have Cushing's Disease. Her body was able to suppress cortisol production normally during the test. A dog with Cushing's would not suppress cortisol production at all, or would show suppression at 4 hours and rebound at 8 hours.

She does, however, definitely have diabetes and we will now need to monitor her and regulate her insulin dose. Her last blood glucose reading on Saturday was at 189 so things are going pretty well so far. She will go in for another blood glucose reading in about a week, and then she will go in a week after that and stay the whole day to do a blood glucose curve. Those readings will determine if the type and amount of her insulin dosage is correct. This varies depending not only on the size of the dog but on many other individual factors; the insulin dosage and frequency is custom tailored to each individual diabetic dog.

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