Random cat gets a checkup

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Before I talk about Random's vet visit last Saturday, I want to thank Shelley for her kind offer to come and make up Yuki's Lactated Ringer's Solution. Once we factored in the cost of the airfare, though, it became a little less competitive :) Thanks anyway, though :)

Now back to our regularly unscheduled blog. Since our household already includes one diabetic dog and one formerly diabetic cat now with chronic renal insufficiency, of course I jumped to conclusions when Random was seen drinking more water and visiting the litter box more often.

Apparently he was just thirsty :) There is also the possibility he has an as-yet-undetected mild bladder infection. His bloodwork and urinalysis looked good; blood glucose, BUN and creatinine were all within normal ranges. We'll just keep watching him to make sure things get back to normal. If not, we'll do another urinalysis this coming Saturday.

Just wanted to put in a "no news, good news" entry for a change!

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I guess it gets worse when you take into acount I have to be back here by five pm every day to feed my cats too *grin*. Oh, which I'm twenty minutes late doing, whoops!

I had something like that. We were so sure that my guinea pig Gaby was diabetic. Her results kept coming back with very high sugar levels. Finally we got the blood work results back and it was just elevated due to a UTI that just wouldn't go away. What a scare!

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