Happy Birthday, Yuki!

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We don't really know the exact date of Yuki's birthday, just that it was in February 1986. We usually celebrate it on Valentine's Day, right in the middle of the month. So I guess we're a bit late this year. I hope that she... and you!... don't take that to mean that we didn't care or weren't excited... we are VERY happy and pleased to be celebrating Yuki's 17th birthday!!

She is still honeymooning from diabetes, and not requiring any injected insulin or other drugs at this time. We hope to see her reach her 20s and it doesn't seem so impossible, even with her health issues, given her feisty attitude and demeanor.

Pounce and tuna fish were had by all (felines, that is) in celebration ... but we are the ones who got the gift... just having her a part of our lives for so long!

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That is so cool Kathi. Don't think I've ever heard of a cat living that long!! You must be a good Mom ;)

Happy Belated B-Day, Yuki! :)

Happy Belated B-Day Yuki !

Hi Kathi! And a very Happy Birthday to Yuki! *leaves behind birthday cat treats* :)

Happy Birthday Yuki :)

Happy belated B-Day, Yuki! *showers the prettykitty w/ fresh catnip*

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