Workout buddies?

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Not sure how long this link from the Chicago Tribune will work... it's about a project at Northwestern Memorial Hospital which is attempting to determine whether putting pets and their owners on a diet-and-exercise program together will help both species lose weight and keep it off. If that link is gone, or you don't want to register on the Trib's site, here's another link to more information on the study.

Oscar and I both have a bit of weight to lose, but apparently not quite enough to be part of the study. We have a total of about 20-25 lbs. to lose. I don't feel like I have to say which pounds are canine and which are human ;).

But I think we will be using some of the information on the Pet Fit site to plan our own routine. We will probably not switch to the Hill's Science Diet foods (Oscar is doing well on his present diet, which also has a lower calorie formulation). If we make any major diet switches for the dogs this year it would only be to incorporate a more natural diet.

Hmmm... the site has a cat section, too. Hear that, Random??

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I have two fat cats and one that's incredibly thin. If I could just even things out among the three of them, I'd be happy! :P

My kitties are on a diet because they got a bt fat staying at the cattery over Christmas. The cattery people are usually so happy to have cats staying who don't go off their food that they tend to overfeed them a little. But two weeks without biscuits (and just tinned meat) seems to have done the trick, and they are nearly back at their right size again. Wish that's all it took to get me back to the normal size *glares at tummy*. ;)

I'm with Keith on this one :) Now if I could just talk Andr? into buying me a doggie. Hope you're enjoying your weekend Kathi!!

Actually, that is a very interesting idea. I am surprised no one thought of it sooner. It is always better to exercise with a friend.

That would be awesome! Too bad for me my little Paisley can barely keep her 15 pounds on her! So I guess it's up to me to lose all the rest *cough* pounds. :)

Interesting concept. Unfortunately, Jesse doesn't need to lose weight, so I'm on my own. :(

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