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I've just added another feature from the too-wonderful Scriptygoddess site... the ability to restrict access to certain posts only while keeping most of the blog open to the public.

This was actually posted by the Scriptygoddesses back in the spring and I finally took the time to implement it on this blog :)

Here are the direct links to the how-to's:

UPDATE 10/26/02: Did a few minor edits. One will hopefully allow cookies to be set whether the site is being accessed with or without "www" in the URL. The other was to add a pop-up "request access" form.

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This is a very clever idea and I bet it will be useful to a lot of people. I wish there was something like this for GM. This might be incentive enough for me to try out MT.

You know I'm going to add this to my blog now. I've never even thought about making posts private but there are certainly times when I feel the need to bitch and hold back from it because I know someone could be reading it...

Will go test this out now. :)

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