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(Note to self: if you don't change from Draft to Publish, no one gets to see what you wrote :) )

Just wanted to post a very brief update for now.

Cockatiel Charlie is getting stronger and more obnoxious by the day. I need to schedule her recheck for this weekend or early next week.

I left a message for Heidi's "boss" since we would like to resume therapy visits soon. She was on hiatus following cruciate ligament repair surgery in January. I need to get her veterinarian's health statement form and finish renewing her certification with Therapy Dogs International too. You can see already that Heidi's stories will take a few days' worth of blogs :)

We have two birthdays coming up this month! You will find out whose the first one is very, very soon.

Rottweiler Missy's appetite is still a little picky, but nothing that warrants another vet visit before her scheduled neurology consult next week. Hopefully she will be up for her share of frozen yogurt at the upcoming birthday parties.

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thanks for the reminder! I would have totally spaced that my Harley dog has an Opthalmologist apt next week! lol btw I weighed my little 1 year old kitties this week Ethel is now at 12lbs and Lucy is 16lbs! *g*

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