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It's taken much longer than I had expected to get things back to normal here. I don't want to close down the blog or the domain so I think I will have to make an effort to search for my muse. I've been wondering where she has disappeared to anyway.

If you're still stopping in occasionally and wondering what has been up with us... there's more...

Since the last entry, we've celebrated two more birthdays (the graphics will be updated over the weekend): Random turned 14 on April 20 and Annie turned 10 sometime in mid- to late May.

We also commemorated the 7th anniversary of Missy Discovery Day on June 19. That is the day our dear departed Missy was found as a stray and rescued.

Although the resident dogs, cats and birds are all hanging in there and doing fairly well for their age, there is always something happening to provide appropriate topics for this blog (hence the need to locate my muse).

The biggest challenge we are facing at the moment is Yuki's chronic kidney disease. She is still eating and drinking well on her own, apparently not suffering from nausea and not needing appetite stimulants. She even seems to like the kidney diet food, which many cats do not. But she is having trouble keeping the weight on and her lab numbers are now at the point where it is obvious she will be helped by receiving subcutaneous fluids. Like many cats, she is not thrilled by this and thus far, has given me more claw and tooth punctures than she has gotten needle punctures.

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The only shots we had to give my old kitty were insulin shots, which sounds a lot easier. Don't know if you've heard this, but our vet suggested giving her the shot while she was eating, so her paws and mouth would be otherwise engaged.

My blog's been quiet too. Not much to say. Must be a quiet season. *hugs*

Kathi could you let me know what your current email address is? Got an IBTC idea I want to send to the group.

Cute kitties! I'm more of a cat person myself. ;)

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