Update... Oscar: no winter allergies?

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Trying to get back to dog:blog business as usual. It is harder than I thought it would be, and it is hard to imagine that a house with two rottweilers (and assorted other critters) in it could seem so quiet... :(

But there are still little bits of good news. It seems that the skin irritations and possible allergies that were bothering Oscar will not be a problem during the winter. He has been off his antibiotics for almost a month and everything is looking good. Two of those weeks were spent at a boarding kennel while we were on vacation, and the rest of that time at home. Of course, it may still be that he has seasonal allergies, and he may have the same problem next fall. Maybe he is like me, and allergic to ragweed!

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Rastus is allergic to the same seasonal stuff as I am and gets a bit snuffly in spring and early summer. It's actually kinda cute when we're all snuffly together. Luckily it's never very bad and she has only had eye drops once (and Wolfy once although his allergies are less frequent) but it means she snores! As if a snoring boydfriend wasn't enough :)

Awesoome! Like to hear good things about allergies. My poor Paisley has unrelenting allergies, bless her heart. It hurts me when she suffers so.

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