Please, God, no more goodbyes for a while...

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A little grey bird flew up to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday evening, and spent some happy moments dive-bombing Jake and Missy. Or so I hope.

Charlie was with me for more than 21 years and through most of the major events, good and bad, in my life. Make that ALL of the major events in my adult life... I was only 23 when I bought her back in 1981. We were lucky to have her for an additional seven months after her serious illness in the spring.

Dear God... no more goodbyes for this family for a while... please?

Dear friends... you'll forgive me if I'm not too talkative for a little bit... I hope?

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Oh no ... :( So sorry for your losses :( *BIG hugz*

Oh Kathi! ((hugs)) I am so sorry, hon, for all that you've gone through these past few months. Please know that you're in my thoughts & prayers. I'm always here if you need an ear or a shoulder -- anytime. Take good care of yourself and know that you are LUFFED! ((hugs)) Ann


I am so sorry to hear that, you have been very strong this year! :(

I am so sorry you've had so much loss in such a short time period. Take whatever time you need. We're here for you if you need us. *huge huggles*

((hugs)) I'm so sorry. :(

*hugs* I'm so sorry hon.

I'm so sorry! It's hard to have so much happen so quickly. :( *hugs*

That sucks *stamps foot* I know life isn't fair and all but it still upsets me when it's so blatently unfair. *hug*

*hugs* I'm so sorry for all your losses. It is terrible to have so many in so short a time. I still remember how hard it was for me when I lost my three dogs all within a year. There have been so many lost pets this year. I hope that they are all together over the Rainbow Bridge, keeping each other company and having fun together.

Of course we will *hugs* So sorry you have to deal with all this =(

*hugs* :(

You take your time, hun ! We are here for you when you want to talk, cry, or scream !! I am sorry to hear about Charlie !! *huggs* We Luff You !

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