Another sad goodbye...

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In our hearts we knew Missy was very old for a rottweiler, but couldn't bear to even imagine life without her. I am certain that despite the problems of old age that she had been exhibiting, she was still enjoying her winter "vacation" at the boarding kennel with Heidi and Oscar, and went to sleep on Monday night warm and comfortable on her thick quilts, dreaming of playing in the snow, and of seeing us in a couple of days upon our return from Honolulu.

I wish she had awoken once again here on earth, to see us again for just a little longer... but she didn't. Sometime early on Tuesday morning she went on her journey across the Rainbow Bridge, where she is now running, young and strong once again, with Jake and other friends.

We love you, "Miff"... and we'll see you again... promise.

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I am so so sorry, hun !! *huggs*

Kathi, I am so sorry for your loss. ((hugs)) Your Luffable Nutz family is always here for you, hon. I truly am sorry that you've lost another loved one -- I don't know what else to say. :( ((more hugs))

*hug* my deepest condolences Kathi.

I am so sorry about Missy, it's been a hard year for your little furry children.

I read the post on the Rainbow Bridge blog about the song on the radio, and I started crying, it made me think of how often we don't think about the ones we love looking down on us.

I also want to note that the picture you posted of Missy is gorgeous, she had a beautiful smile. :)

*hugs* :( I cry with you hon, and wish I could help. Im here if you need to talk.

****HUG**** I am so sorry Kathi.

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