Update... Missy's vet visit

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Missy seemed to enjoy her vet visit (actually, all of our dogs enjoy going to their regular vet). The vet opted to run some blood tests, and the results should be back on Monday. There is a possibility that Missy's symptoms could be yet another recurrence of her Lyme disease, so in addition, she started a course of antibiotics yesterday as well.

On the positive side, a small lump on Missy's neck was found to be a fatty cyst and nothing to worry about at this time :) It is always nice to get some good news, even if it's just a little bit!

Doxycycline and amoxicillin are two antibiotics that are generally prescribed for canine Lyme disease. On this go-around, Missy will be taking Clavamox 375mg twice a day for at least two weeks.

Although I am not entirely convinced that this is a Lyme disease recurrence, I can agree it isn't a bad thing to try and rule it out.

We also discussed acupuncture and chiropractic once again. Although we considered it back in the spring, we did not follow up at that time. It may be time now.

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