Update... Missy's blood test results

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Missy's blood test results came back today and just about everything was within normal ranges, with the exception of one slightly elevated liver enzyme and slightly elevated cholesterol levels.

This time we will follow up with the veterinary acupuncturist. She takes phone calls from 7:00 to 8:00am, so we'll call tomorrow morning and set up an appointment for a consultation. UPDATE 10/29/02: Oops, make that Wednesday morning... I stupidly left the phone number on my desk at work... and of course I don't get in to work until after 8:00am!

The veterinary acupuncturist is part of the staff at our regular vet hospital. She also specializes in Chinese herbal medicine. She is also one of the founders of the Chicago Veterinary Medical Association's Pet Loss Grief Support hotline and Wings pet loss support group.

I am definitely open to trying some alternative therapies for Missy. But as some of you know, I am pretty much afraid of needles. This should be interesting!

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How do you get your recent comments to show up on the side?? :)

Just popping in to say hi, haven't seen you on lately in the bar and grill. I hope you're having a good week!! I'm glad Missy is doing well. :)

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