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As you may already know from Monday's entry, we are planning to consult a veterinary acupuncturist to help Missy with the weakness in her rear end.

Due to our work and travel plans for November, it turns out that it will probably work out better to have the treatments start in December once all of that is out of the way. So we've made an appointment for the initial consultation on December 9.

The initial appointment will last about an hour and will also include discussion of Missy's complete medical history. This vet is part of the practice we regularly use, and she will be able to review Missy's entire chart before our appointment, including the results from the tests done back in April at the specialty clinic. That visit also included back and hip x-rays, and those have been deemed recent enough to use for the initial evaluation. As well, I'm to write up Missy's medical history (in fact, her life history) to discuss at the appointment.

The vet has been practicing acupuncture on companion animals for about ten years. Most of her clients are older dogs with hip, back and joint problems; those types of ailments often respond well to acupuncture. If this type of treatment is going to work for Missy, we will begin to see some small signs of improvement after two or three treatments (treatments are once a week) and more improvements within six to eight weeks.

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When my Keesa was alive, she benefited greatly from Acupuncture. Good luck!

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