Side trip... 100 things


Looks like just about everyone is doing a "100 Things About Me" list...

...oh, right, like you thought I was going to do one??

1. I am the one of your friends who is least likely to spend an afternoon writing up a list of 100 things about herself.

2. But I will tell you a few things to clear up some common misconceptions.

3. I'm smarter than I look: I was a National Merit scholar in 1976 at Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

4. I'm not as much of a wussy-girl as you might think: my longest day on a motorcycle was approximately 620 miles from Chicago, IL to Mitchell, SD. Partly in the rain. Pilot, NOT passenger. On a Sportster. With a teeny tiny windshield. With NO radio.

5. And yes, those of you who have met me in real life are absolutely right. I definitely seem taller online than I am in person (5 feet) :)


I knew those 5, I need more data! :-D

Hi Kathi! Like Chrissy, I was hoping to read 95 other interesting things about you, too, but I'm happy to at least have had the 5. :) But I knew you were 5', I knew you were extremely intelligent, so I guess the only thing I really learned about you that I didn't already know was about the motorcycle ride. Wow...that was a really LONG roadtrip! Hope you're having a great Saturday! ((HUGS)) :)

Nope, as I have stated before, everyone I know online is 5'8". It's set in my brain that way, and I am too stubborn to change it ;)

My brain hasn't decided what Kathi looks like yet. I'll be sure to let you know when I do figure it out.
Unless it gets spoiled by knowing what you look like first.

lol you mean I'm taller than someone in the world? I'm 5'1" :)


I did think you were much taller, and I would've loved to see the other 95 things :P

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