Quick note...


It sure was a busy week. It's a good thing we had no pet health issues to deal with, much less to blog about!

Just wanted to once again quickly plug the 2002 LV/DVG National Championship being sponsored by my DVG club Madison Area Working Dog Association.

And I, too, have been sucked into yet another vortex... The Quilting Bee "thanks" to Cyn... here's my quilt page. UPDATE 5/12/02: A little bit about my quilt square is under MORE...

We'll be back to our regularly scheduled program shortly :) !

UPDATE 8/21/03: My Quilting Bee account was deleted due to inactivity and my two attempts to be reinstated were not replied to. I honestly don't care enough to pursue it further that that, so I've deleted all Quilting Bee references from my main page.

Here's the square I'm trading in The Quilting Bee:


I had wanted to use my own family's crest as the design but it did not work so well in the 40 x 40 pixel format. So the square still depicts one of the traditional images used in Japanese kamon but it is not part of my own family's crest. This one is a Plant image, Katabami or wood sorrel, specifically featuring the heart-shaped leaves.

The purple gradient is the 21st century digital spin at work. You wouldn't normally have color, let alone a gradient, on a "real" one :) .


Aww these quilt patches are so cute! Great job!!

Great patch and quilt page :)

*sigh* all these cute quilt pieces and me fresh outof ideas for a quilt patch. *shakes head*
I need to get out of the house and rejuvinate my brain.

Your patch & page look great. =)

I really like The Quilting Bee also. I think I am going to try it. I have done the page but am having trouble with the patch. My mind won't wrap around an idea to use. I love yours. That is really pretty.

Oh no! Just keep that vortex away from me! *hides under a quilt* AACCKK!!!!

Congrats on getting the dog stuff done this week, I knw you had been busy working on that!


Thank you for showing me the quilting bee! I'll have to work on a quilt square tomorrow and join! :)

Now why did it come up with that name? O_o

yay! yayayayyaya! *hugs* :D

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