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This is pet-related and tech related, I guess!

If I'd known my pets were all going to make it to a ripe old age but with a number of health and training issues along the way, I would have probably kept better notes. ;) That's one of the reasons I started this blog and its accompanying offline archives. I'm also trying to do a better job of organizing the paper copies of records like the itemized vet bills (and hospital and doctor notes, from some of my wonderful vets who provide those) as well as the legal stuff... dog license paperwork and immunization records.

That's all well and good but it is not too portable. There have been quite a few times when I wished I had more information with me: for example, when visiting a specialist for the first time; or when starting a new training class or going back to an activity after a hiatus. Something I can keep on my Palm IIIc PDA, which I always have with me (yup, I'm one of those people :) ). And you know I've had it for quite a while too since I don't have one of the spiffy new m-models!

I know I could probably keep track of much of this stuff with the wonderful DateBk4 which I have already been using for quite a while. But I still want something a bit more pet-specific, so in MORE... you will see some of the PDA programs I plan to try out over the next few weeks. I'll report back here, of course!

PetVet 1.0

Good Dog PDA Journal 1.2

Dog Keeper 1.2

DataDog v1.8s

And it looks like there is also an update for DateBk4... DateBk5 looks to be a free upgrade for me as a registered user of version 4!


heh...not only am I one of those people, but I have the same PDA :)

Kathi I'm scared now. I had no idea how advanced those hand-held devices have gotten. I'm in awe at the PDA links you listed. *scratches head in confusion* Whatever happened to the good ol' filing cabinets?? =P

thanks Kathi, for everything *hugs* I'll let you know what we find out about Harley

There is a program by Ilium Software called eWallet, it can keep track of ANYTHING and everything, including credit info, passwords, and probably pet stuff. You should check it out! It's available in most Handheld formats and desktop format, and they sync up! :)

Ooh, cool! I just have a notebook and a folder in the pig cupboard. Not very scientific. Or very organized...

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