Jake... unknown digestive upset :(


Just when I thought everyone was going to stay relatively healthy for a while :( .

Jake is at the vet right now with what started out as a mild case of diarrhea and seemingly out of nowhere, turned into much more severe diarrhea accompanied by vomiting. I don't think it's a major crisis yet but he's certainly sicker than we thought he was a couple of days ago.

It seemed like just a normal doggie digestive upset on Monday evening and was treated as such, with a dose of Imodium, a skipped meal, and acidophilus capsules (yogurt is good too but we always keep the acidophilus capsules around as a backup) and rice added to the next few light meals. He was acting pretty normal and was in good spirits.

Things didn't get better, though. His diarrhea got worse despite the fact he was not eating or drinking very much of anything, and he seemed somewhat lethargic and moody yesterday as well. He started vomiting this morning so he is spending the day at the hospital getting IV fluids and a bunch of tests. Unfortunately, thus far, those tests aren't saying much. The bloodwork came back mostly normal except for some abnormal high readings on some of the liver enzymes.

The big fear is that this is somehow related to his bladder cancer. Leiomyosarcoma can also affect the digestive tract and some of the symptoms of a tumor in the intestines would be similar to Jake's current symptoms. Although the ultrasounds and x-rays done back in February showed no signs of cancer other than the bladder tumor, it's still a possibility.

Hopefully I'll get some better news, or at least some more definite news, to update with shortly.


*hugs* Jake is in my thoughts :)

sorry to hear about jake being sick :(...i hope he gets better soon...hugges..

My best wishes go out to you & Jake. Here's to hoping it's nothing serious. *hugs*

awww. poor guy :(

Hope he is better soon!

Poor Jake! I hope he's feeling better soon...

I hope that things turn out to be not so bad with Jake. Poor baby. *hugs*

get better soon Jake! I hope everything is ok! keep us posted! :(

*huggles* Hope Jake gets better soon!

Awww, poor Jake! :( Hope he gets better soon. :::hugs and healing Force vibes for Jake:::

:( That sounds icky. Poor Jake. My baby (a now gone German Shepherd) presented similarly and had Pancreatitis. *huggles* Hope it turns out okay

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