Side trip... update, five movies

If you missed the original column and follow-ups by Bob Greene in the Chicago Tribune, check out my 4/9/02 entry. The series of columns will be wrapping up this week and today's column has some interesting insights.

I still haven't come up with my five picks. I've gotten four definites but I'm having a tough time picking #5 (and unlike some... apparently MANY... of the other readers of Greene's column, I'm NOT picking a porno flick :p)

There's MORE... if you're interested, especially to those who commented last week...

I really enjoyed reading your comments as I waffle endlessly over what my picks would be.

I like Heather's Monty Python choices... would be good to have something funny yet with a lot of layers that stands up to repeated viewing. JJ's pick of A Christmas Story is another one I considered also but having seen it so many times already I'm not sure how many more times I'd want to watch it on that island :).

Darcy, I am kind of surprised that more younger viewers didn't pick up on 12 Angry Men after the HBO remake in 1997. I was fully prepared to hate the remake but I actually enjoyed it and thought the casting was excellent. Either version made my own real life experiences with being on a jury look pretty weak, though.

Ann, my husband said pretty much the same thing about "how do you think you are going to watch movies on a desert island" and refused to even tell me what movies he'd pick (I'm guessing a WWII movie and a Terminator movie would be in his mix, though).

I'm now up to four picks:
12 Angry Men
Apocalypse Now
It's A Wonderful Life

and among consideration for the fifth spot are Stand By Me, Star Wars, Vision Quest, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Blazing Saddles, Terminator 2, 2001, The Green Mile, and Titanic. Update 4/15/02: and also Last of the Dogmen, Unforgiven, and Streets of Fire. Yeah, I know some of those aren't technically very "good" movies... hey, it's my list :)

Did you see what the most named movie was? The Shawshank Redemption... I enjoyed that movie a LOT but it didn't quite make my list. Anyone else notice that out of (arguably) only three Stephen King works that translated well to the screen... two are based on stories from "Different Seasons"?

Update 5/5/02: OK, finally picked that fifth movie. Yeah, I know I took forever :) ... and it's Stand By Me.

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